Achieve vine balance and optimize harvest scheduling

Maximize the health of your vineyard and improve productivity while optimizing harvest scheduling and vine balance with the Vine Vigor Essentials Package.

Vine Vigor Essentials: VigorZones – Absolute & Relative and Aerial Color Image.

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Vine Vigor Products

Eradicate Grapevine Disease in Your Vineyard

Protect your vineyard from the devastating effects of grapevine disease with ultra-high resolution disease detection.

Disease Detection: Grapevine Leafroll Disease, Grapevine Yellows (Flavescence Dorée), and Red Blotch.

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Disease Detection

Improve Irrigation and Conserve Water

Make informed irrigation and cover crop management decisions while minimizing the ecological footprint of your vineyard.

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Water Index

Optimize Vineyard Management and Planning

Understand the contours of your vineyard with a rapid, accurate, and efficient method of capturing ground contour or elevator data.

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Contour Model

Optimize grape quality and drive vineyard uniformity

Drive vineyard uniformity and monitor the impact of water, fertilizer, and canopy management decisions at the vine level while maximizing grape quality and yield with ultimate data solution – the Vine Metrics data package.

Vine Metrics: Vine Vigor Essentials package, PureVine, PureVine Zones – Absolute & Relative, Canopy Gaps, GIS Data, and a comprehensive EVI Statistics Report.

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