Disease Detection

Protect your vineyard from the devastating effects of grapevine disease with the world’s first aerial-based disease detection technology.

Recover lost profits

Grapevines infected with disease produce lower quality wines and can cost a winery up to $40,000 per hectare in lost profits.

Take action

Prevent the spread of disease with early identification of symptomatic vines, geo-referenced for targeted follow up, testing, and removal.

Increase efficiency

Our disease detection technology is 100x more efficient, significantly more accurate, and more reliable than highly-trained experts scouting on the ground.


Using a hyper spectral camera and proprietary algorithms, we are able to detect leafroll virus which is difficult to see and identify from the ground.


A snapshot of the vineyard to identify red leaves, which could highlight disease, nutrient deficiency, mites, girdling issues or other concerns that need addressing.

Canopy Water Content

Make informed irrigation and cover crop management decisions as we measure the actual amount of water within the canopy, allowing you to only apply water when and where needed.

Grape growing regions across the world are affected by grapevine

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Grapevine diseases can spread at a rate of 10x per year if
left untreated.

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What is Grapevine Leafroll Disease?

Grapevine Leafroll Disease is one of the most common and persistent grapevine diseases, affecting up to 50 percent of vineyards globally. It can have devastating impacts on a vineyard, dramatically reducing fruit quality and yield. With no cure, infected vines must be removed and replanted to prevent the spread of disease costing a vineyard up to $200,000 USD per hectare, with little yield for almost three years.

Did you know?

Globally, viruses are costing wine growers $15 billion a year, with Leafroll accounting for 60% of that.

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