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Maximize your grape quality and yield with the world’s most advanced measurement of vine health.

With VineView’s suite of scientifically-calibrated vine vigor maps you get insightful, timely information to improve grape quality and yield, and reduce costs associated with:

Harvest Segmentation

Locate areas in your parcels to increase and improve the production of premium grapes and optimize harvest scheduling.


Identify and reduce variability across parcels for optimal vine balance.

Canopy Management

Control the microclimate of your vines to improve grape quality and yield.

Fertilizer Optimization

Target fertilizer applications to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.

Irrigation Scheduling

Make informed water management decisions to minimize yield loss due to water shortage or drought stress.


Evaluate the health of your vineyard’s vine canopy with detailed vigor maps of purely canopy data.

PureVine Zones – Absolute

Drive homogenization and monitor vineyard management decisions with this vigor zone map derived from individual vine measurements and accounting for any canopy gaps.

PureVine Zones – Relative

Take immediate corrective action with confidence with this vigor zone map derived from individual vine measurements and accounting for any canopy gaps.

Canopy Gaps

Identify missing, young, or dead vines at the plant level to maximize yields and optimize vineyard productivity.

VigorZones – Absolute

Track your vineyard’s progress by comparing results between fields and across time with this zone map based on purely vine-canopy data.

VigorZones – Relative

Assess variability and highlight areas of interest with different levels of vine vigor with this zone map based on purely vine-canopy data.

Aerial Color Image

Identify vineyard boundaries, orientation of rows and new plantings with a high resolution, colorful vineyard image.

EVI Statistics Report

A comprehensive vineyard productivity and field efficiency analysis including a vigor statistics report. Contact us to learn about this value-added report that is included in our Vine Metrics package.


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What customers are saying about our products:

What is EVI?

Our Calibrated Vine Vigor data products are created using the Enhanced Vegetation Index, a ratio of how much sunlight is reflected off the plants in different colour bands, including infrared.

Did you know?

NDVI has been the standard multi-spectral image used to measure vigor in the wine industry, but unfortunately, NDVI has a number of inherent shortcomings. One of the most important shortcomings is that the data is highly dependent on the time of day at which the image is taken. This is because of the change in solar angle. This means that using NDVI has the potential to provide inaccurate information and can show different data at different times of the day. NDVI results also vary based on other factors, like shadowing or soil variations. In order to correct for these inaccuracies, our scientists have adopted a new, improved version of NDVI, called the Enhanced Vegetation Index. Using additional wavelengths of light, we are able to correct the errors associated with NDVI.

Take a look at our examples below

Created with Snap


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index


Enhanced Vegetation Index

Created with Snap Created with Snap Created with Snap11AM
Created with Snap Created with Snap Created with Snap2PM

As you can see in the images above, NDVI produces vastly different results when taken at different times on the same day. Clearly the vigor of the vines has not changed over a 3-hour period, as would be implied from the images above.

Using additional spectral information and calculations, EVI corrects for the difference in atmospheric conditions and solar incidence angle, providing you with more accurate, actionable data.

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